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25% OFF first box with WAG25

Why Your Dogs Dental Health is The Secret to Longevity

They lick your face, sleep in your bed, and who knows where their mouths have been?! When you stop to think about it, your dog probably licks just about everything.

When it comes to keeping your dog happy and healthy few things are as important to overall good health as your dog’s dental health.

Dogs have strong cuspid teeth called canines that are responsible for tearing and ripping their food apart so that they can more easily digest it.

Just like your own set of pearly whites, dog’s teeth are very susceptible to building up plaque which can lead to infection.

However, many people assume that their dog’s teeth don’t need to be kept clean--because after all, no one is judging them on their brushing habits!

What many dog owners don’t realize is that hiding in the corners of your dog’s mouth is a secret. Depending on how well you care for your dog, it can be the secret to good health, or a dark health danger, lurking in the shadows.

Poor dog dental health has been linked to all sorts of health problems in dogs that aren’t just localized in the mouth!

The Most Overlooked Health Problem For Dogs
Periodontal disease is at the top of the list when it comes to the most overlooked health problems for canines. Because dogs are depicted as having bad breath and dirty mouths on television, in books, and even on Instagram--we’ve somehow let this important health topic slip through the cracks.

However, Purdue University conducted a study that found that gum disease in dog can damage the connective tissue that helps teeth properly sit in the gums. But that’s not all.

Once this connective tissue gets damaged in the gumline, it affects the jaw bones, and can cause a deep infection. This infection breaks down the walls of the gums, leading straight into your dog’s bloodstream. Hold on, it gets even worse…

This can then travel into the walls of the arteries, which can cause blood clots and cause heart problems in otherwise perfectly healthy, well-nourished dogs.

It can also spread into the liver and kidneys, which can compromise their entire wellbeing.

The good news is that these complications are entirely preventable with the right knowledge.

So how can you make sure that this doesn’t end up happening to your dog?

A Very Common Warning Sign
Can you guess what one of the most common warning signs of gum disease is?

Puppy breath in dogs over three years old!

Bad breath is a commonly overlooked warning sign that something is wrong with your dog’s chompers.

Other warning signs include white or yellow discharge or buildup on the sides of their mouths along the gumline.

If your dog’s mouth bleeds randomly, or you notice that they are recently missing teeth--you should make an appointment with the vet to get them checked out immediately, as those can also be signs that something is wrong.

Charlie the Cavalier’s Story of Dental Health
Steven, our founder, experienced the devastation of poor dental hygiene firsthand, when his 11-year old Cavalier, Charlie began needing to have teeth pulled. During a very painful process over the period of a few years he had to have twelve teeth removed!

Charlie’s dental health problems led Steven to doing a lot of research.

In the end, what worked better than anything else for Charlie (and his other three dog’s dental hygiene) is something that he’s made sure to include in every WagWell Box. We are a monthly dog subscription box that delivers right to your home each month.

The Easiest Solution
Bully Sticks are healthy treats that you can give your dog that will naturally help to rid their mouth of plague and clean their teeth. They are well-known to be loved by dogs

These treats are included with every WagWell Box, and are part of a well-balanced, nutritious diet. They provide them with a nutritious dog chew that is packed with vitamins and minerals, but also works on their teeth to break down the plague and help prevent long term dental problems.

Just be careful to monitor your dog when chewing, to make sure that you take the stick away when it gets to be small enough to be a choking hazard.

Carefully brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can also be a great way to keep the perils of periodontal disease at bay.

Similarly, regularly inspecting their mouths for signs of illness is a must to check for changes in your dog’s dental health.

If you haven’t already, click here to download our Free Guide on Bully Sticks to learn more about how these nutritious treats can be a delicious solution for prolonging your dog’s life and keeping them healthy.

Or simply subscribe to WagWell Box where we include 2 bully sticks along with organic treats and fun premium toys each month