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25% OFF first box with WAG25

Why We Started WagWell Box--Our Story

Why We Started WagWell Box--Our Story

The story of WagWell Box began just like a lot of other great ideas--out of pure necessity.

A lot of companies are founded by accident, ours was founded because our founder’s dogs kept having accidents!

For months, his dogs kept getting sick.

At first it seemed like a fluke.

A quick Google search would turn back results such as dehydration or anxiety as the potential culprit. As the symptoms grew, so did his curiosity as to what could be causing his four beloved dogs to feel unwell.

His children were sad because Charlie and Nemo wouldn’t play, and when they would they’d get sick on carpets, floors, and just about everywhere else you can imagine!

After racking up several costly vet bills, only to yield unconvincing diagnoses, Steven decided that something must be causing his dogs to feel terrible.

So he committed to doing the research to get to the bottom of it.

A Wellness Brand for Dogs Is Born

As Steven began researching he started seeing that there was a lot of misinformation about dogs and what foods should be included in their diets.

From diets high in fish to diets rich in greasy hamburger beef and high in sodium, to vegan diets, and even controversial fruits--there were a lot of different theories out there about what should be going in your dog’s mouth.

As he kept researching, he learned that his dogs probably weren’t getting sick from viruses or bacteria. In fact, he learned that most dog owners were feeding their dog’s bad food that was poor for their overall health and wellbeing.

As he began exploring the research more in depth, he learned that most companies can get away with including several harmful ingredients that aren’t good for pets, because the government doesn’t regulate what we feed our dogs. Despite the fact that there are known causes of decline in animal health, these products fly off the shelf year after year.

Naturally, he was horrified that he’d been feeding his dogs harmful products that were causing them to feel sick.

Like eating bad fast food day after day, Steven was actually feeding his dogs more food to try to help them feel better after painful symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

We all know how awful it feels to have food poisoning or experience a seasonal flu, but what most people don’t know is that dogs are incredibly resilient and can be much sicker than they actually let on.

Steven knew that he had to switch his dog’s diet, and in the process he encouraged his entire family to start watching what they ate.

His kids already loved organic vegetables, so it was an easy solution to start incorporating healthy ingredients into their fur babies diets as well.

Once he moved his dogs to natural, organic products they started wagging their tails again.

Out of hundreds of hours of research, and a career of owning and running a publishing company meant that Steven had all the knowledge to start a dog subscription box service for healthy dogs--and that’s exactly what he did.

All Organic, Real Food
WagWell Box, a dog subscription box, was born out of the premise that dogs and people aren’t that different when it comes to needing whole food goodness in their diets. Instead of cutting corners and taking shortcuts, Steven decided to only use certified organic all natural food in every dog treat and dog toy that WWB ships.

Keeping the quality and integrity of the brand as high as possible was paramount to Steven. His rule was that if he wouldn’t eat it himself, he wouldn’t feed it to his dogs!

Because the market is already saturated with products with questionable nutrition, WagWell Box knew that being different meant being better.

As dog owners it is so important that we know what our dogs are eating, and with WagWell Box the ingredients are all certified organic, making them the healthiest organic dog treats on the planet.

That’s our story of how WagWell Box started.

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