25% OFF first box with WAG25

25% OFF first box with WAG25

Why WagWell Box Dog Treats and Dog Toys Are Healthier for Your Dog

Dog treats are a natural staple of every dog owner’s monthly shopping expense.

Our dogs have come to rely on them, and we know yours probably have as well. Sometimes, it is the only way to get them to do what we want them to, and when they cry and beg it’s virtually impossible to say no to them.

But not all dog treats and toys are good for your dog’s health and wellness. Just like some “fat-free yogurt” is loaded with artificial sweeteners and Oreos are technically vegan, some treats appear healthy on the outside of the packaging, but aren’t healthy on the inside.

Ready for a tongue twister?

Try pronouncing some of the additives and chemicals in dog treats such as: Butylated Hydroxytoluene and Propylene Glycol!

That even makes Weimaraner easy to say!

The fact is, a lot of people aren’t aware that heavily processed chemicals are inside of their dog treats and dog toys, meaning that they also aren’t aware that they are doing damage to their dog’s health.

Both of those ingredients (mentioned above) are meant to preserve the shelf-life of their products, but they could be linked to taking time off of your dog’s lifespan.

But what if your dog’s treats weren’t unhealthy, but instead could improve their health?

All Dog Treats Aren’t Created Equally

One of the toughest aspects of finding out if dog treats are safe for your dog is that there isn’t any government oversight. As humans, we have the FDA which has set ground rules in place to help us know which foods are safe, and which products and foods we should avoid.

Unfortunately, dog owners don’t have any type of protection to know which products use harmful ingredients, or which dog treats and dog toys are hiding dangerous chemicals.

Luckily, not all dog treats are created equally.

So why are our treats different?

At WagWell Box we only ship treats that are certified organic, which is as healthy as it gets. We are a monthly dog subscription box that delivers right to your home each month.

In order to be certified organic every organic dog treat has to only use ingredients which the USDA recommends.

They have an entire list of ingredients that aren’t allowed, and if even one ingredient in a dog treat or dog chew is found on that list--they won’t be able to get the certification.

Companies who want their products to be certified have to spend thousands of dollars and undergo a rigorous inspection process. This ensures that every item we purchase from manufacturers is safe for your dog!

As a company, we do a plethora of research and speak directly with the manufacturers to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on the manufacturing process and all the ingredients that they use. We don’t stop there.

In fact, we go one step further and we also look for third-party certification to back up their claims and make sure that every product we ship meets the highest caliber of wholesomeness for your beloved companion.

Every toy that we ship out to your dog has been lab-tested for harmful chemicals and supported by independent third-party research. That means that you can rest assured and have peace of mind when you play with your dog using our high-quality toys.

We use ingredients that you and your dog both love and aren’t mysterious or hard to pronounce.

You can take your chances on your dog eating antifreeze derivatives like Propylene Glycol or you can invest in your dog’s well-being with a subscription to WagWell Box.