Choosing the Best Dog Subscription Box

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We break down everything you need to know about monthly dog subscription boxes and how to find the best subscription box for your dog

Have you ever Googled ‘dog subscription box’ and felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of choice? From toy-only subscription boxes and puppy-training boxes to those geared towards raw food diets (and much more), choosing the best dog subscription box that makes sense for your dog can be challenging. In addition to all of the options and product fatigue, you also have to know what to look for when it comes to dog treats and ingredients, how toys are made, and whether certain products are truly safe for your dog. In this article, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about choosing the best dog subscription box for your dog. 

The benefits of a healthy dog subscription box 

Most dog subscription boxes are curated based on themes, but the overall type or nature of any subscription box depends on what the box brand caters to. For example, some boxes are dedicated solely to dog toys or dog treats, while others cater to certain breed types or dog sizes. But the most common type of dog subscription box is the varietal one, where you receive an array of products in each monthly dog box (like toys, treats, and other accessories). 

When it comes to deciding whether a dog subscription box is worth the cost, the best way to think of a monthly subscription like this is how beneficial it can be for your dog. It’s no secret that dogs are intelligent creatures that need not just physical exercise, but mental stimulation, too. And beyond taking us to the dog park or throwing the ball around the yard, we love exploring new places, new toys, and new treats. It’s a way of getting our minds active and letting us practice different instinctual skills - and that mental stimulation can be just as positive for our health as physical exercise!

Beyond that, dog subscription boxes are a great way of discovering new brands, products, and treat types that your dog loves. It can be challenging to find products that actually work with and for your dog, and a subscription box can bring variety to the everyday routine your dog has (and needs). As a dog owner, it can also be extremely convenient to have these items magically arrive on your doorstep each month; many dog box brands (like WagWell) take the time to do in-depth research into the items that go into their boxes, saving you time (and money) buying endless products that your dog may or may not like! 

But no two dog subscription boxes are created equal, so it’s important to know what to look for in a dog box - and whether quantity trumps quality. 

Understanding the different types of monthly subscription boxes for dogs

How do you find a monthly dog subscription box that your dog loves, and you feel good about? 

A lot of dog owners ask themselves this question, because we’re your best friend, and you want to do what’s right by us. But factoring in what your dog enjoys, what they need, and the quality of a dog box means you may not know which brand to turn to. WagWell was created by dog owners, too, so they understand the need to buy products that are truly good for your pets. There are many dog subscription box types you can choose from, and the key is understanding the difference between them and whether quantity is better than quality. 

Let’s say, for example, that Rex loves to chew things. From the legs of the couch to your shoes and anything else he can get his paws on, Rex loves a good chew toy. But maybe you’ve struggled to find a toy that can take his relentless chewing. There are many dog boxes dedicated solely to powerful chewers, whereas others cater to chewers who loves to gnaw on bones or rawhides. Those dog box types might make the most sense for Rex, but not for your other dog. 

You’ll find that there’s a dog subscription box for every type of dog - from small breeds to larger, active dogs and every need in between, but the dog box you use has to mentally stimulate your dog while being safe, healthy, and of quality. It’s why, here at WagWell, we put quality over quantity (though you’ll find lots of great goodies for your dog in our monthly boxes). 

In Rex’s case, a dog subscription box that comes with lots of toys may be beneficial, but if they aren’t safe or don’t hold up to his active chewing habits, the dog box won’t serve his or his owner’s needs. Instead, a dog box focused on high-quality, durable dog toys for chewers would make the most sense. 

What about healthy dog subscription boxes vs. unhealthy ones?

Is there really a difference between healthy dog subscription boxes, and ‘regular’ boxes? 

There are so many toys, treats, and dog accessories on the market today, which makes it difficult to decide which ones to buy, which ones are safe, and whether your dog will love them! And when it comes to your dog subscription box, you’ll be even more concerned about the quality of items in it and whether you can feel good about giving them to your dog. 

In looking for a dog box and evaluating whether the products and brand are right for you, there are a few things you can consider that will help you decide on the best dog subscription box for you and your dog. 

Organic: organic dog toys or treats are typically made using organic ingredients or materials, should always be non-toxic as well as free from harmful chemicals that might affect your dog’s health over time. 

Natural: usually reserved for treats and food, ‘natural’ denotes that the product (like treats) is made without artificial ingredients or synthetics, but rather, ingredients found naturally. 

Healthy: a healthy dog subscription box will often consist of accessories and treats that won’t negatively impact your dog’s health, and can help in getting your dog active, such as a varietal dog box with natural treats and organic toys. 

Quality: it’s important to consider the quality of items in a dog subscription box instead of focusing just on quantity; that’s because more doesn’t always equal better, and you may find that some items break down quickly or are made with ingredients or materials that aren’t good for your dog. Our rule of thumb is that quality should always come before quantity!

Convenient: how easy is it for you to order the dog subscription box, and how committed to health and safety is the brand? Ultimately, dog boxes offer convenience and simplicity in helping you find the best toys and treats for your dog, but if it’s difficult to order or you find the items don’t stand up to the brand’s quality standards, it may be time to find a new dog box. 

What to avoid in a dog subscription box 

So far, we’ve talked about quality over quantity and healthy versus regular dog boxes, but what should dog owners be avoiding in a dog subscription box?

When looking at a subscription box for your dog, you’ll want to factor in how the subscription box will work for you, too. For example, we use Bully Sticks instead of rawhides in our subscription boxes, and you may find that these work better for your dog, ultimately giving you peace of mind. The ingredients and items in a dog subscription box have to work for both of you. 

More than that, though, the subscription box for your dog should focus on healthy treats and toys as opposed to trendy items or limited-time products. Your dog will be playing with and consuming the items in your dog box, so whatever they use during playtime or as a treat should be safe while also being fun. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to avoid products that:

  • Are made using potentially toxic materials or ingredients
  • Treats that aren’t natural or organic 
  • Boxes designed for specific breeds or diets that don’t apply to your dog 

Choosing the monthly dog subscription box that’s right for your dog can be challenging, but with the right information and the right products, you can find a subscription box that works for both you and your dog. If you’re interested in trying a healthy, safe, fun and organic dog subscription box, explore our plans and discover why so many dogs (and their owners) love WagWell.