5 Things a Dog Subscription Box Needs

5 Things a Dog Subscription Box Needs

So, you want to choose the right monthly dog subscription box, but where do you start? 

Choosing the right pet subscription box for your dog can be, well, challenging! It’s difficult to choose between the large and highly curated range of monthly subscription boxes available for our pets. Whether you’re looking to spoil your dog or try and test different products from new brands, a monthly dog subscription box is the perfect treat for you and your dog. But with all of the choices available, how do you pick the right subscription box

We’re breaking down the five key things to look for in a dog subscription box that will make choosing your next monthly subscription a walk in the park. 

A healthy dog subscription box 

One of the key reasons pet owners opt for dog subscription boxes is because a monthly subscription box lets you try new products from brands you may otherwise never discover. But not all dog boxes are created equal, and not all are geared towards the health of your pet. 

In general, a healthy dog subscription box will be made up of high-quality, organic or natural products that are tested by the box brand and sourced from local or trusted businesses that create their products with safety and quality in mind. Which brings us to our next point... 

Quality of dog toys in a subscription box

Have you ever bought a toy or received one in a pet subscription box and it immediately fell apart after one or two playtimes with your dog? What about toys that are made with questionable materials? 

We want the best for our dogs, but sometimes finding quality toys that are safe for playtime and their health can be overwhelming. You look not only for quality but durability and safety. 

That’s why, when looking at a dog subscription box, you’ll want to pay close attention to the types of toys and materials used in the box. For example, many dog toys are made with materials like PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), lead, bromine, and other toxic and potentially harmful ingredients or materials that don’t benefit your dog’s health! 

Our top tip? Look for toys that are made with safe yet durable and quality materials. This will help the toys you get in your subscription box stand up to your dog’s chewing habits and playtime while keeping them healthy and safe from toxins and chemicals. 

Ingredients in the dog treats featured in a dog subscription box 

By and far the most exciting product in a dog subscription box is the treats! Both you and your dog want treats that taste delicious but keep your dog’s health in mind and help stimulate their senses. 

But did you know that many subscription boxes feature treats loaded with additives, preservatives, and even artificial flavours? Those ingredients can easily be avoided!

For example, instead of a pet subscription box that uses rawhides as a treat or chew, opt for boxes that feature all-natural or organic ingredients in their treats. Bully sticks, dehydrated vegetables or real meat pieces (like beef, liver, or fish) are healthier and safer treat options. 

Safe dog accessories in each monthly dog subscription box

Choosing a dog subscription box almost always includes looking at the type of accessories (beyond toys or treats) that you’ll receive each month. And we personally love adding fun yet functional accessories to each of our monthly dog boxes! 

Like toys and treats, though, you want the accessories you use for your dog to be safe. When looking at the accessories in a pet subscription box, consider the following questions that you can ask the box brand: 

  • Are the accessories made locally, in-country, or overseas? 
  • What materials are the accessories made with?  
  • Are the accessories mass-produced or made in small-batch?
  • How are the accessories hand-picked? 

Accessories may look nice or feature unique designs, but some are made with questionable materials or ingredients in materials (like dyes, plastics, etc) that could be overall unsafe for your dog! Where possible, box brands should also be sourcing locally or nationally-made products, too. 

Options curated for the size of your monthly subscription box 

It’s no secret that all dogs come in different breeds and sizes, which means that the dog subscription box you choose ultimately has to cater to the size of your dog and the number of products they need. 

Let’s say, for example, that you own a Great Dane. You’re likely to choose a dog subscription box that provides options for adding additional toys or treats so you can test new items and brands. 

So, it’s important to look at the level of curation that a dog subscription box offers so you can hop on board with a monthly subscription box that makes the most sense for you and your dog!

5 things a monthly dog subscription box needs


What’s the best dog subscription box for you?

When it comes to choosing the dog subscription box that works for your dog, you’ll want to look for a healthy or organic monthly subscription box that provides the healthiest and safest product selections for your furry companion. Keep our five top tips in mind when choosing your next dog subscription box!